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Develop and invest over 10 years We are not only environmentally friendly vehicles designed, but also reliable, comfortable and digital ERIDER’s. ERIDER pioneered long life LFP Lithium power, fast loading systems, brushless wheel motors and ‘FOC’ smart system Scooter controllers. Our technology makes the ERIDER practical, Efficient and use less energy than most other ones …

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You can charge anywhere there is a socket. Extremely easy to use. All ERIDER models can be charged in the home or garage via a regular household 220V socket, no additional equipment is required! So you can actually charge anywhere there is electricity. Depending on the model, the chargers consume between 150 and 350 watts …

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Advantages of electric driving

With an electric moped or motorcycle you enjoy many advantages! By never having to refuel again, you can of course drive very cheaply (+-€0.50/100km), no oil consumption, low maintenance costs and environmentally friendly driving make electric driving very interesting. Electric vehicles have no exhaust fumes, no noise pollution and no unpleasant odors. Maintenance of an …

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